Three inseparable axes ...


To produce in the strict respect for the manufacturing standards, with a continual control of the process, that is the purpose looked for by each of our collaborators on a daily basis.


For us, Quality means :

- An ISO 9001 certification,

- a quality management directly in the heart of the production department,

- quality controls during the whole production process,

- COFREND certified workers for non destructive tests performed during the production.


"All which can not be done safely  must not be done ".

This leitmotiv is inescapable for all the workers in La MEUSIENNE, to guarantee in the same time the health and the safety of each and every member of the company and of all of our subcontractors working on the site


Everyday, La Meusienne make a commitment to make of its site a reference in term of control of its impact on the environment. This is based on the following axis :

  • Finding solutions to decrease energies consumptions,
  • Controlling emissions of the site,
  • Being compliant with European and French laws concerning environment,
  • Controlling our wastes, trying to find innovative solutions in recycling.

Drake mandarin (Aix galericulata) on our supply of fresh water